Satish Lal Acharya Official Travel Page


Satish Lal Acharya is a traveller by heart and entrepreneur by profession. Since childhood, he had a dream to visit every possible continent and meet every new face and hear out their side of the story. He began travelling since his teenage years and took a pledge to satisfy his soul by indulging himself in travelling to distant and far off places whenever left with time. While travelling to exotic locations, he realized how hard it is for travellers to hunt for places before proceeding and get the right material or information regarding the place they are dreaming to visit once. For the travel addicts, he has developed this platform where passionate travellers will be enriched with every basic knowledge or information about the place they are planning to go this vacation. His business platform offers 3 major services for the keen and interested travellers.

Travel Booking

People often fear the entourage of the public present at the ticket counters of the aeroplanes, railways and others. It seems a tedious task to get self-booked for the earliest flight, especially when a person is a traveller and has to visit new places frequently. Therefore, Satish Lal Acharya has created this platform in which the travellers can get their tickets booked easily without much hassle. He provides clickable and easy booking services to satisfy the experience of every individual who is waiting to travel.

Luxurious Accommodation Booking

Travelling might seem very exotic and exuberant but at the same time it is very hectic, when finding the right accommodation or facility is the concern. His team is in touch with the luxurious and 5-star hotels that serves comfort and class at the same time to the tired travellers. On one click, a person can get fast and reasonable booking in a single go.

Reviews and Ratings

Most of the human beings certainly do not go to a place that they don’t know about. Therefore, his reviews and ratings help people to get familiar with the place in advance so that their money doesn’t go in vain. When the act of money is involved, it’s hard to risk everything.